Our Story


The first independent ice creamery in Texas


Our love for ice cream was realized during the scorching summer of 2011, and in a heat-induced delirium, we decided we wanted to make a batch of ice cream.  Soon after that, we were making ice cream for family and friends.  They suggested we sell it, and since we had collectively spent a few years too many in the 9-5 office environment, we decided to go for it.  After a quick stint at Penn State's annual Ice Cream Short Course in January 2012, Carnival Barker's Ice Creams was born.


Our goal from the start has been to produce a quality ice cream, free of the unnecessary additives, cheap chemicals, and preservatives used in most other ice creams.  We soon realized that in order for us to have this degree of control over our product, we had to become a completely independent ice creamery.  This was a very long and arduous process, but after months of perseverance, we achieved our goal.  We are the first independent ice creamery in the state of Texas that also has the ability to sell wholesale.


Our ice cream is made in small batches, six pints at a time.  It take us a little longer to do things this way, but it produces the results that we want.  We take great care to make sure that every batch of ice cream is creamy, sweet, and flavorful.  Our ice cream is meant to be eaten.


We take great pride in our product and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.